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Hot Beverages


€3.00 or €3.25 With Milk

Strong Black Lavazza Coffee – Served In A Tall Cup

Café Latte


Lavazza Coffee Espresso Shot Topped With Milk. Latte Is A Larger Drink Than A Cappucino  



Lavazza Coffee Topped With Hot Frothed Milk


€2.50 Double €3.50

(Small Strong Shot Of Lavazza Coffee)

Espresso Macchiato


(Small Shot Of Strong Lavazza Coffee Topped With Hot Milk)

Cyprus Coffee


(Cyprus coffee is traditionally very strong. It varies according to the degree of the strengthness of the coffee and in the degree of sweetness: Sketo (without sugar), metrio (medium sweet) and gliko (sweet).

Salted Caramel Latte


Lavazza Coffee Espresso Shot Topped With Salted Caramel Syrup & Hot Milk

Hazelnut Latte


Lavazza Espresso Shot Topped With Hazelnut Syrup & Hot Milk

Tea For One


(Small Pot For One)

Herbal / Fruit Tea

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