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House Rose Glass/Carafe

Glass 200ml €3.50, 0.5 Ltr €6.50, 1 Ltr €12.00

Dry Rose – From the traditional variety Cyprus Mavro and vinified at low temperatures, it is characterised by the primary flavour of the variety, the freshness and the bright colour.

It is the perfect choice for anyone that prefers a light, pleasant and refreshing wine, especially for a summer lunch.

Enjoy it cold with meze and light dishes or with meat and pasta.

Cornetto – 750ml Bottle

Glass 200ml €6.00 / Bottle 750ml €17.00

Dry / Medium Dry – Kolios Winery

Demetra Medium Sweet Rose – Kalamos Winery – 750ml

Glass 200ml €6.00 / Bottle 750ml €17.00

Cabernet Sauvignon, the noble French variety of grape, is used to produce many quality wines around the world and we use this special variety that has been cultivated locally to produce dry and medium sweet rose wine.

It is a very pleasant wine with a soft taste, a clear rose color and the strong fruity aromas of raspberries and strawberries.

It is an ideal wine to complement any light meal or fruit, especially in the summer time.

Minthy – 750ml Bottle

Glass 200ml €7.00 / Bottle 750ml €20.00

(Dry) – Makarounas Boutique Winery – Letymbou

Eagle Creek Zinfandel – 750ml Bottle

200ml Glass €6.00 / 750ml Bottle €18.00

California – Zinfandel – Medium Sweet, Refreshing Fruity Rose

Gris – 750ml Bottle


Extra Dry (Blush) – 100% Maratheftiko Grape – Ezousa Winery

Clear pale salmon in colour. Aromas of wild roses and green apples, crisp Maratheftiko acidity, a true innovation: the first Maratheftiko gris (blush) wine in Cyprus. 

Eros – 750ml Bottle


Dry – Maratheftiko Grape – Ezousa Winery

Bright rose-coloured wine with delicious aromas of strawberries, cherries and wild roses. On the palate it is rich and vibrant with the refreshingly crisp acidity so typical of Maratheftiko challenging the senses due to its unique taste. The first rosé Maratheftiko in Cyprus. 

ANGELS Rose – Xyinisteri Maratheftiko – 750ml Bottle


Dry Provence Style Blush – Tsangarides Winery

Chateau Aspras – Les Trois Freres – Provence

Glass 200ml €8.00 / Bottle 750ml €23.00

750ml – Blush Dry Rose

Akti – Kyperounda Winery – 750ml


Lefkada 80%, Macro 20%. Soft pink color. Moderate intensity in the nose with an elegant bouquet of red fruits, aromatic Mediterranean herbs and sweet spices.The mouth is highlighted by the complexity of the texture and the flavors rather than the volume. A breed wine.

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